With the only international airport located in the country, Paro valley is the gateway to the kingdom of Bhutan with it being the preferred entry point for most travellers. Stunning vistas of rice paddy fields and charming traditional Bhutanese houses can be glimpsed by those who have the opportunity of flying into Bhutan.

On the banks of the Paro River lies Paro town, which resembles a western settlement from the old American frontier with the main road passing through rows of shops. The storefronts are painted in the traditional Bhutanese style. A quick walk along the streets of Paro will take you past cosy cafes and handicraft stores selling locally made souvenirs.

Paro valley has over one hundred temples and monasteries. The list includes one of the oldest temples in Bhutan called the Kyichu Temple and of course the iconic architectural marvel that is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. The highlight of any tour in Paro culminates with a hike to the Tigers nest monastery whose allure beckons faithful devotees, nature lovers, hikers, and curious souls alike

 The Paro Dzong(fortress) overlooks the valley like a watchful sentinel, whether illuminated by the sun or the floodlights at night, the stone walls of Paro Dzong are visible for all to see. Above the Paro Dzong is the Taa Dzong or the watch tower which has been converted from a defensive structure to the National Museum of Bhutan. The Museum holds numerous curiosities ranging from prehistoric stone implements, rare vinyl record stamps to even an egg claimed to have been laid by a mule.