Kincho Tours & Travels. wishes you a very warm welcome.

Kincho Tours  is a family owned business and as such the business owners, ourselves, are actively involved in all stages of your trip to Bhutan; from the start of that idea nibbling at the back of your mind to the final see-off at the airport.

Kincho Tours do not believe in fenced perceptions or experiences and that is why customizability and flexibility are what we are best known for. Remember those hectic days of follow-the-tour-guide holidays? These many minutes in these many places for these many memories are not what we are about. See a majestic 13th century building or a 21st century screw up? All you need is to tell your guide to see in detail the juxtaposition between the traditional and the modern that developing Bhutan is all about and the conscious effort poured into striking a balance between the two; the middle path that is the basis of Bhutanese lives.
Each itinerary is finalized after extensive correspondence with enquirers in order to learn individual preferences and we do our best to meet each and every whim and fancy of our globetrotters. After all it is your once in a lifetime trip and not a muscle memory motion for us.

Why Trust Kincho Tours Trust is the alpha and omega of a trip, be it over to the next state or to a Himalayan Kingdom halfway around the world. Ensuring that you feel no apprehensions from the minute you reach out to us to the minute you are safely back home is our primary objective.
First things first, Kincho Tours and Travels is a certified travel agent by the state owned organization, the Tourism Council of Bhutan. The question of trust is just a click into the Council’s website. Government certification is certain legitimacy be it Kincho or for that matter any other travel operator for we are all bound to the highest standards of hospitality set by the Council.
Besides, the Bhutanese are known as a friendly, loyal and honest people and though we say so ourselves it is not without truth.
We make it a point to cater to each need individually, even in big groups, for our core belief is that each visitor should feel less a visitor and more a local. The testimonials of guests that have previously explored Bhutan with us are an endless source of pride as a validation that our family values have been met to the best possible.

Accommodation and Services:

Tourism laws here require tourists to stay in a minimum 3 star hotels with an option to upgrade to 4 and 5 stars albeit at your own further expense. Our go to hotels meet all the requirements of a 4 star though they are officially 3 stars. Some of these hotels are the Namgay Heritage, Drupchu and Tashi Namgay. Your guide will ensure everything runs smoothly for you in collaboration with the hotel staff with whom we have close ties, both professionally and personally.
Whatever the size of your traveling group, you will all be taken care of and taken care of well to ensure this, we maintain a guide to traveler ratio of 1 to 7 on average.

A holiday with your family, however fleeting the time, is not complete without a merry picnic out on the grass under a crisp blue sky with a mountain standing sentinel in front, paddy fields lounging behind and the sun glinting off the icy waters of a pristine glacial river.
Yes we have just that kind of place. A few minutes from the Punakha Dzong lies one of the rare plains in this country on the mountains. Zomlingthang was once the spot of battle between the local chieftains as well as against the Tibetan and Mongol invaders in the 17th century. A stupa was recently built by the royal grandparents in dedication to all the lives lost there, for this was one of the main places that shaped the history of Bhutan into what it is today.
It is said these warriors of old feast with the people who eat on that plain. Rest assured though, we always take enough.

Pictures remember what the mind might soon forget. That is why all our guides and drivers have been offered a free three weeks course in the basics of photography. They will be taking your pictures for the company and also ever at your side if you need a good picture taken on your own camera.
And the best part is we compile all these pictures into an E-book and send it to you at the end of the tour as something to remember us by even through your own memories. We can also provide a high quality printed version, if you so wish, of the memories you made in Bhutan with us.

So reach out to us for advice on planning or organizing your trip to Bhutan and start packing!