Tshetrim Namgay (Cultural, Current affairs, Hikes, Biking)

Having been a guide since 2009, Tshetrim has a treasure trove of information and fun facts about anything Bhutan.

The many guests that he led have commended, without fail, his sense of humor, and that omnipresent smile of his. As an avid reader and a journalist at a renowned national newspaper he is well versed in everything that a guest could ever want to know.

Tshetrim is a civil engineer by education and yet chooses to work as a tour guide.

Tshetrim specializes in cultural tours, current affairs, and iconography, not to mention his meticulous care for travelers.

An English tourist has said Tshetrim was Wodehouse’s Jeeves in the flesh. Ever since, he has taken it as his sacred duty to remind the rest of the team every other day about that.  

Jamyang Yeshi (Cultural, Hike, Photographer)

Jamyang is a devout Buddhist. Buddhism the religion but Buddhism the way of life as he likes to clarify.

Since joining in 2009, Jamyang has led numerous pilgrimage tours across Bhutan to her holiest sites.

Besides his primary inclination for pilgrimage tours, Jamyang also leads cultural and trekking tours. Fluent in Hindi, Jamyang has also led tourists to the neighboring Indian state of Assam and West Bengal . which has numerous sacred sites.

Phub Tshering (Cultural, Hike, Photographer)

Phub Tshering joined the Kincho team in 2011 and has become a pillar to the company since then.

Phub Tshering joined the Kincho team in 2011 and has become a pillar to the company since then.

Beside the many cultural tours he led , Phub Tshering has also  traversed on such grueling trails as the laya trek that climbs 200 meters of straight elevation to over the treeline. He has also led groups on the snowmen treks that spans a month’s trekking closest at the edge of the snow line.

Phub Tshering has a passion for photography and has obtained an out line diploma certificate of photography. So if you want as wonderful a memory as your trip, Phub is the man for you.