Dusit International opens dusitD2 Yarkay in Bhutan

The multinational Thai hospitality company Dusit International has opened the largest internationally branded 5 star hotel in Bhutan, the South East Asian nation known for measuring progress with Gross National Happiness instead of GDP and for being the only carbon negative country in the world. Partnered by Yarkay Group, one of Bhutan’s most successful companies, Dusit’s upscale dusitD2 brand started operations in December 2018 as the dusitD2 Yarkay in the happy kingdom’s capital city, Thimphu.

With 83 rooms, a Thai spa, a state-of-the-art gym, all-day-dining international restaurant and the country’s first authentic Thai restaurant, dusitD2 Yarkay is not only the biggest internationally branded hotel but THE biggest hotel in the last Himalayan Kingdom.

Inspired by the Buddhist folk tale of the Four Harmonious Friends, the hotel features a beautiful blend of modern architecture with traditional Bhutanese elements and a breathtaking interior featuring engrossing local artwork. Each of the guest floors are themed to the Elephant, Monkey, Rabbit and the Bird, the four animals from the folktale that settled their dispute over their rights to the fruits of a tree by agreeing to work together in harmony.

Only an hour’s serene ride from Paro International Airport, dusitD2 Yarkay is located right in the center of one of the quietest capital cities of the world, offering easy access to the city center with all major attractions like the Buddha Point, Memorial Chorten, Tashi Choedzong (home to the office of the King), Takin preserve and various museums within a seven-mile radius.

The opening of dusitD2 Yarkay is not only a big step up for the country’s hotel industry but reconfirmation of Bhutan’s continued branding as a top exclusive tourism destination for travelers from around the globe.

We at Kincho Tours and Travels wish dusitD2 Yarkay great success and are proud to announce this mjestic hotel as one of the stay options for all our guests to choose from.



Is Bhutan the world’s only carbon-negative country?

Statistics support Bhutan as the world’s only carbon-negative country is that Bhutan is home to the highest percentage (more than 51 percent) of protected land in Asia. Other attributes that make Bhutan the only carbon-negative country in the world is the constitution mandating ‘60% forest cover at all times to come’. And religious beliefs of the people to protect the environment as they believe Gods’ resides in the cradle of Mother Nature. 

Despite being trapped geographically between the world’s two most populated country; India and China- Bhutan’s carbon footprint is only 2.2 million ton of carbon dioxide (CO2). As Bhutan is a forested nation, the country’s biodiversity (trees) absorbs 6 million tons of CO2. 

Bhutan’s development paradigm stresses on conservation and preservation of nature as its main pillar, afforestation as a trend, and setting a world record by planting 108,000 trees to commemorate the birth of Bhutan’s heir to the throne, His Royal Highness, the Prince Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck.


Snowman Trek becomes a special interest movie! 

Four ultra-marathon runners set a record at the world’s hardest trek, the Snowman Trek of Bhutan in 2016.
The Snowman Trek is a taxing 189 miles journey across 11 mountain passes (all perfectly over 16,000 feet). It is one of the toughest treks in the world. Typically, avid trekkers take approximately 30 days to complete this challenging expedition.
Ultra-marathoners Ben Clark, Timothy Olson, Anna Frost, and Chris Ord, and their Bhutanese guide Wangchuk set out not only to complete the trek but also to set the speed record on the trail. And as unimaginable as it is to even the locals, the team completed the route in 15 days and nine hours, breaking the record and halving the standard 30 days.

“The Snowman Trek” is 105 minutes long special interest genre movie showcasing the success of the four ultra-marathoners with a team of one guide, five cooks, and two horse attendants. 21 horses aided the marathoners. Their adventure holds constantly to a point of failure as they face storms, altitude sickness, exhaustion, and hypothermia but they triumph not only of the singular, record-breaking accomplishment but also of the shared joy and triumph of team spirit.

Set in the Himalayas, Fathom Events and Blue Fox Entertainment reel the athletic success of the team of four in the movie ‘The Snowman Trek’. The movie depicts the hardship and courage a trekker must possess to battle his/her mental and physical abilities. It also prepares and guides any potential ultra-marathoner to take on this grueling trek in Bhutan.

The Snowman Trek’ was played across 400-theaters in America

Taktshang- The Cultural Icon of Bhutan

A God flies on a tigress’s back, tames a tiger demon, meditates and constructs a monastery pinning the evil. Will you agree on this myth-smacking legendary story? Or even begin to comprehend the logic of this mythical 747 AD tale?

Taktshang’s literal translation is the ‘tiger’s lair’ owing to the legend it sprung. It was founded by Guru Padmasambhava, a Buddhist saint that propagated Buddhism in Bhutan by 746 AD. For the Buddhist populace, he is the second Buddha. Taktshang is one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the country.

It has attracted many tourists from all over the world. They claim that a hike to Taktshang is a must in their itinerary despite all the dangers associated with hiking the two-hour switchback mule-track. Almost 1000 meters above the valley’s floor, hanging precariously on a granite cliff- Taktshang is a spectacular feast for the eyes. It witnesses hundreds of visitors by the day, increasing annually. Taktshang is truly the cultural icon of Bhutan.